September 24

Spirits Live


Their never trully gone. The spirit lives and moves all over, they are the winds which pass thru the trees. They are the stream, lakes, rivers and oceans waves. They are the animals who dwell on the land.  For you to see they are not just in your heart but all around you. Close your eyes an listen they will speak to you, one does not need to be native to communicate with mother earth. One only needs to listen an you too will hear that sacred heartbeat we all dance to.

By Kagakshi Obwandiyag (Raven Pontiac) nswe shkweden anishnabek

Gchi Anishnabekaa ii'w niiwing inaknakeyaa ogitchida (All Nations Warrior)


3 Fires, Anishnabe, Bode'wadmik, Chippewa, Kagakshi Obwandiyag, Odawa, Ojibwe, Ottowa, Potawatomi, Raven Pontiac, Spirits, Teachings

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